About EcoSessions

EcoSessions® is the first global event series that connects designers, industry and citizens to build community and affect change. Fashioned to provide learning, engagement and networking, EcoSessions are an opportunity for industry to come together with the design community to forge relationships and hatch collaborations. Citizens also come to learn and engage directly with their favourite brands. 

Currently in six cities (Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Montreal, London and Berlin), with 10 events per year, EcoSessions is expanding. Want to see EcoSessions in your city? Become an Ambassador!

Networking Events
Workshops & Discussions
Themes and topics 

Ethical Fashion

Nontoxic Beauty

Innovations in Sustainability

Sustainable Textiles

Healthy Home

Ethical Retailing

Fashion and Sustainability

Ethical Jewelry 

Buying Conflict-Free jewelry

Fairtrade in Fashion

Made in Africa

and more....